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We are a great team that welcomes every new family member with their heart on their sleeve.

Why TLC? With us, you have confidence.

What do we guarantee?

You can trust us.

Corporate language courses run throughout the school year and are long-term. We open new courses every month. Classes are also held during the summer holidays.

You can rely on us to pay you. We can handle large orders and we can plan cash flow well.

We are a modern company, you will not encounter paperwork with us.

We have an online system for keeping track of courses, students and teaching.

You can issue an invoice directly in the system with one button.

We will teach you how to conduct comprehensive language audits and specialized language workshops.

We are always here for you. Methodological assistance and individual consultations, or help with the selection of activities and textbooks are a matter of course. In addition, we will be happy to help you solve technical and IT issues. Each TLC colleague is a professional, in control of her competencies, so the assistance is quick and efficient.

We organise internal seminars and workshops for our teachers, as well as informal events and meetings. Let’s have a good cup of coffee or tea together in the kitchen. We like to inspire each other and share our experiences.

Together with us you have the chance to grow professionally and humanly. We care about your further education, which is why we offer financial contributions to educational events and organise various training courses ourselves.


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Check out video-interviews with our teachers

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Lada and Anna - Teachers for TLC Kids

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Teacher Vláďa - German for business

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Teacher Honza - English for business

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Teacher Helena - English for Business

We'll be by your side throughout the course


How is the corporate training conducted?

We will prepare a schedule to suit your time and specialisation.

You will be given input on the students’ progress and learning goals before the class. The groups are homogeneous based on the results of the initial online tests.


Who organises the courses?

We have language course coordinators in the TLC team who are ready to help or advise you immediately or within 24 hours at the latest. These colleagues send you complete information about your classes, inform you about changes in the schedule or course participants.


Where can I find information about my courses?

In our online system, you will find your timetable, which contains the following information: the day and time of the course, the length of the lesson, the venue, the list of students and their language level, and the person responsible for the organisation of the course – the coordinator.


What is the typical format of your courses?

Courses are organized in person or online. We teach individual courses and small groups with an average of 4-6 students. The typical length of one lesson is 60 or 90 minutes. We teach courses of different levels, from beginners to very advanced.

Most of the courses focus on general and work-oriented communication.


What is part of the job of a TLC teacher?

In addition to the actual teaching, the teacher enters data into the online system.

Together with the students, he or she conducts a needs analysis, plans the course and selects the most appropriate learning materials.

He creates a test for his students once a year and evaluates their progress at the end of the school year.


What does TLC provide to its trainers?

We provide a financial contribution to your training (methodological training, seminars, and language conferences).

We organize internal trainings and workshops several times a year, prepare short educational videos focused not only on methodology but also on the use of modern online tools.

We offer individual online or face-to-face consultations with our methodologist or hospitalization on request.

Teachers have an online library and their own MS Teams license.

Throughout the year we organize various events for teachers and other members of the TLC team.

We care about you - Methodology Department

Gabriela Suchá

Director of Studies

Recruitment of trainers and methodological support.

Anežka Pížová

Office Manager Director of Studies

Administrative support for teacher.

Who is a TLC teacher?

The teacher has a professional degree or an international exam in a foreign language.

He enjoys passing on information and educating others.

Teachers praise the cooperation with us

Going to a job where you don't feel any pressure or stress, but rather joy and satisfaction, is very rare today. I am grateful and humbled to say that I have such a job. Already 6. I have been working as a language teacher at TLC for a year and I cannot praise our cooperation enough. This position offers me not only time flexibility and financial independence, but above all the opportunity to pursue what I enjoy and find most fulfilling - learning. Thanks to the friendly approach, the willingness of the management and colleagues, but also the company's facilities and the above-standard services it warmly provides to its clients, TLC has become a synonym for my dream job and, I dare say, a second family.

teacher Mischa

When I taught my first course in TLC 15 years ago, I never imagined all the things that awaited me with TLC. It's not just any language school or educational agency, but a family of people who share common values. What are they? Expertise, innovation and the client always come first. And it is not only Tatyana with her visions and plans that make TLC one of the best on the market, but above all a team of great teachers and other collaborators who make up a great group of people.

teacher Pavel
English, German

I've been working with TLC for 8 years. and we've been through a lot together. What does TLC give me as a teacher? Above all, trust and freedom, which means I can always adapt my English teaching to the needs of individual students. Above all, it is important for students to feel comfortable while learning, and this is no problem thanks to the excellent facilities and plethora of learning materials at TLC. We work with students in small groups or individually, thanks to which we can get to know each other better and adjust the content of lessons at will, which is an advantage over large and anonymous groups. This is how even "eternal beginners" can find the motivation and energy to take one step at a time towards success. Thanks to TLC I have met many people, colleagues and students, who over time have become acquaintances and friends that I enjoy meeting after work.

teacher Lenka

I have been an English Teacher at TLC Language School for 14 years. I started teaching for a few different language schools, including TLC, and it gave me the opportunity to compare the quality of teaching services provided by various language institutions. TLC proved to be the most professional and efficient and I have been teaching there solely ever since. TLC Language school offers experienced and highly professional management, efficient methodological guidance, friendly and supportive staff, effective on line recording platform for lesson contents and student attendance, and last but not least very precise and punctual rewarding system.

teacher Jarmila

You can teach for us online from anywhere or in person in Brno.

What we offer

  • Financial evaluation (300 CZK/hour – 400 CZK/hour), which corresponds to your education, experience and skills
  • Financial contribution to training (methodological training, seminars or conferences)
  • Possibility of on-line or face-to-face teaching
  • Work on a fixed-term contract, or on a permanent contract
  • Methodological trainings and workshops for our teachers
  • Modern facilities and equipment for class preparation (meeting room, photocopiers, PC, binding and laminating of materials, beverages and use of the kitchen)
  • Opportunity to participate in our existing and new projects (conducting language workshops, online teaching, etc.)
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Scope of cooperation according to your time preferences
  • Informal events for teachers

Our ideal candidate...

  • Excellent knowledge of the language taught, international certificate an advantage
  • Has a university degree in the field (Faculty of Education or Faculty of Philosophy with a focus on the language)
  • Has experience in language teaching, ideally corporate courses
  • He is reliable and responsible
  • He enjoys teaching

Scope of cooperation according to your time preferences.

One course per week or a full schedule, it’s up to you.

Vacant positions

English language teacher in Brno

We are looking for a teacher who is willing to teach English in Brno.

This is a long-term cooperation.

English language teacher online

We are looking for an experienced teacher for our online corporate English language courses.

This is a long-term cooperation.

How will the selection procedure be conducted?


Write to us!

Get in touch with us, send us your structured CV and a brief cover letter.


We offer you courses

Depending on your time availability and preferences regarding the scope of cooperation, we will offer you specific language courses and together we will create an ideal schedule.


We'll set up an interview date

The interview can take place online or in person in Brno. We would be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee or tea and show you “our home”.


We'll sign the contract

We will send you the text of the contract for your approval. After signing it, you will receive login details to our online system and library. We will train you, we will give you individual attention.


We will get to know each other

After mutual introductions, we will discuss possible cooperation. We’ll talk about your approach to teaching and your work experience.


Starting to work together

We’ll welcome you to the team and you can get on with your learning. Coordinators will communicate with you throughout your cooperation and the Methodology Department will support you. You can meet the other teachers at one of our events.

We look forward to meeting you next time

Join our team

Leave us your contact details, we will be happy to invite you for an interview online or in person in Brno.

Anežka Pížová

Office Manager – Director of Studies

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