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Education for companies

Language school for companies

Language courses

Conversation courses and courses designed specifically for you, aimed at developing your working communication.

Language courses with a focus on work communication

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of workers from different disciplines and positions. We cover the basics of the language for everyday work situations as well as the specific terminology and phases necessary in your field. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to communicate fluently and confidently with clients, colleagues and partners around the world.

Language workshops

The most effective form of learning for immediate application of new knowledge in practice.

Intensive language workshops

Each four-hour workshop is full of intensive learning, hands-on simulations and exercises, and direct application of new knowledge, ensuring immediate results. The workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging, with an emphasis on the real-life application of the language in participants' working lives. We offer a wide range of ready-made themes, as well as theme development tailored to your needs.

Language testing

Comprehensive assessment of your employees' language skills in different languages.

Language testing

We provide basic online testing as well as a detailed language audit, including an individual interview. Testing is carried out on the basis of modern methodological procedures and tests that guarantee accurate and objective evaluation.

Czech for foreigners

Integration of foreign employees into the work environment and the team.

Czech for foreigners

Czech language courses will help your foreign employees better integrate into the Czech working environment and society. Not only will it improve their ability to communicate with colleagues, but it will also enable them to participate more fully in everyday and social life.

Soft skills

Support the personal and professional development of your employees to the highest degree.

Soft skills

We believe that success in a multicultural and dynamic work environment requires not only language skills, but also the ability to communicate effectively, work in a team and adapt to different cultures and situations. By combining language skills and soft skills, we support the personal and professional development of your employees to the highest degree. We provide training in Czech and English.

Gift vouchers

Reward your employees.

Gift vouchers

Vouchers are the ideal solution to support your team's personal and professional growth, while also providing valued recognition of their work. Each employee can choose the course that best suits their individual needs and interests. They are simple to use, in your corporate style and in price ranges to suit your budget.

We offer flexible schedules to accommodate your employees’ busy work schedules. In person and online. Individual and group language courses.

We care about you

Expert lecturers, experienced coordinators, methodological support and tailored service. The TLC team is made up of professionals who will make sure your employee training runs smoothly.

The coordinator is the guarantor of the smooth running of the language course and at the same time the main communication person for you.

He communicates with students, responds to all their requests, which ensures a fast and professional organization of teaching. Prepares schedule, processes satisfaction surveys and reports. It conveys information about learning objectives to the lecturers.

We use a uniform methodology, working according to the CEFR. We are committed to objective assessment of testing as well as ongoing assessment of tests to measure student progress. The curriculum and hospitalization are a matter of course.

For each project a group of lecturers is nominated. Each lecturer has professional training and long-term experience from which he draws in his lecturing activities. The nomination of lecturers for specific courses is based on their specialisation, focus and experience to suit the needs of your students.

We have dedicated tutors who are trained to run language workshops.

Entrust us with the complete organisation of courses and communication with students. We respect your internal rules, budget and timeline. We measure progress and monitor the achievement of learning plans and goals.

Each customer has its own specifics, we are aware of this and can offer a real tailor-made solution.

Our corporate language course coordinators


We teach 20 languages from manager to worker.

English, Czech for foreigners, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian and sign language

How customised education is created


We're listening to you

We perceive your needs, think together, discuss and set everything up to the last detail.


Methodological support

We will introduce you to the methodological specialist who will professionally guarantee the teaching throughout the cooperation.


Language Training Plan

We will prepare a language training plan for you: timetable, methods of testing and assessing progress, information for staff, attendance tracking, timetable conditions, budget.



We will prepare an order or contract for you to sign.


Your language coordinator

Introducing a colleague coordinator who will look after your business and your employees



Everything’s ready, we can start teaching.

From our team of 180 lecturers we select:

The courses are led by experienced lecturers who will provide you with individual attention and practical knowledge.

We partner with small businesses and large corporations on a global level.

At TLC we highly value the individual approach to the language needs of our company, the expertise and professionalism of our teachers. We build on relationships, an open approach and active communication, which is fully guaranteed by the director Tania and her team. It's a pleasure to work with TLC...

We appreciate the long-term cooperation with TLC, the pleasant communication and the helpfulness in negotiations. All communication takes place through the language course coordinator, we appreciate the active approach, all requests and questions are promptly processed and solved. We recommend cooperation with TLC and wish you many more satisfied clients.

Mgr. Martina M. | HR Specialists Team Leader CZ

We have been cooperating with TLC for several years, and I am glad to say that during that time TLC has proved that they are a reliable partner in the area of soft skills trainings and language courses. They are able to prepare everything related to the training - testing, communication with participants, organizing the event, collecting feedback, etc. They are even able to prepare special training that is tailored to our specific needs! I always appreciate their very friendly and proactive approach with a can-do attitude. You just need to know what topic you want to prepare, and they take care of the rest. TLC is really making our life easier in the training and development field. Thanks for your service, you are doing great!

We organized the TLC Kids course for the children of our employees in two week-long sessions and a total of 40 children attended. We had nothing but positive feedback from the children and parents - the children enjoyed coming to us and the parents knew that their children were in good hands thanks to the experienced teachers. The teachers prepared an entertaining and educational programme and the children had the opportunity to improve their English in a playful way during the holidays. We look forward to hosting camp again this summer!

At TLC we highly value the individual approach to the language needs of our company, the expertise and professionalism of our teachers. We build on relationships, an open approach and active communication, which is fully guaranteed through our director Tania and her team. It's a pleasure to work with TLC...

Over the past years of cooperation with TLC we have organized various soft skills trainings provided mostly by Carl Davies. We appreciate the smooth communication during the scheduling period as well as openness for suggestions or changes. We are highly satisfied with the quality of provided services and according to the participants, the trainings are engaging and useful.

Tailored training for you

Contact us and together we will create a tailor-made solution in a free online consultation or in person over a cup of coffee.

Irena Vitásková

Language Coordinator

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