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Education for schools

Experiential English for Schools

Primary schools

We will talk your pupils through conversations with a native speaker.

Primary schools

  • development of communication skills
  • for pupils I. and II. grades
  • getting rid of the fear of talking
  • introduction to other cultures
  • continuity with the topics discussed in class


Experiential English for preschoolers.


  • authentic English
  • playful conversation
  • we play, sing, create together
  • building a positive relationship with languages
  • preparation for English at primary school

School clubs

We combine English with experience.

School clubs

  • the combination of English and play
  • promoting motivation in teaching
  • team activities in English
  • active use of language
  • in the classroom and on the school playground


English conversation and training.


  • a great reward for teachers
  • reviving English over a cup of coffee
  • implementation directly in the school
  • strengthening relationships by learning together

Suburban Camps

Camps in English with foreign teachers.

Suburban Camps

  • camp in English with native speakers
  • programme according to the age of the children
  • attractive activities and rewards
  • realization during the holidays


Use funding for innovative education.


  • financing of kindergartens, primary schools, school teachers
  • Funding for conversation and project days
  • financing of suburban camps
  • we will help you with calculations and documentation

We teach children to love English in an attractive and experiential way.

Experiential English

We are a language school specialising in teaching English to children.

Our priority is quality teaching. All of our tutors are therefore selected by a methodological expert based on strict criteria, and we emphasize a combination of a high level of qualification and a proactive approach. Our teachers will come to you and have company vehicles to teach English even in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

Conversation lessons fit perfectly into the school curriculum and effectively complement standard language foreign language lessons.

The topic is based on the material covered and mutual communication between the English teacher and the foreign lecturer.

We offer a project day with a foreign lecturer on various topics.

We adjust the content and activities according to the age and knowledge of the children, for children in kindergarten, pupils I. and II. grades of primary school.

Choose from 11 themes, be inspired by our catalogue.

English in the after-school club can take the form of a project day or an experiential conversation. The methodology of English in the cooperative is primarily based on fun activities, movement and games together.

Days full of activities, sports, fun and especially English! Camps are held during spring and autumn holidays and summer holidays. You can choose a morning program, a full-day program or a week-long camp.

Training for teachers and non-teaching staff, in the framework of DVPP. We can tailor a conversation in English or a training session for you.

A conversation with a foreign teacher is a great reward for your English teachers to refresh their language skills.

We implement training with the aim of helping you to bring your team together not only through team activities, but mainly through shared experiences.

A selection of our TOP topics for primary school

You can find the complete offer in our catalogue.

We care about you

Stanislava Janušová

TLC Kids Coordinator

I deal with each school individually, prepare a timetable for you and ensure the smooth running of lessons throughout the school year.


Primary school and kindergarten cooperates with us


pupils we teach AJ


project days implemented

Together we will prepare the best for your students


Regular conversation or project day?

Regular conversation has the major advantage of building on the material covered in each individual class. Our tutor is your English teacher’s partner.

The project day is a thematically separate block of intensive experience. Children love the Christmas and English Day themes the most.


What is the schedule based on?

We do our best to accommodate the school schedule. Together we will set your preferred day for the English class. The teacher will come to your school for 4 to 6 lessons, during which he/she will visit the classes of your choice.

We will agree on a schedule for the entire school year in advance. You can count on us.


Which pupils to involve?

Conversations are realized for pupils I. and II. primary school, as well as for preschool children in kindergartens.

The teachers are able to adapt to the age and knowledge of the children.


What kind of lecturer will we have?

The nomination of a particular lecturer is based on several factors:

  • type of school (kindergarten or primary school)
  • Grade (I or II)
  • Location
  • format of the lesson (conversation or project day)

We will introduce the lecturer in a medallion that we will send you in advance so you know who you can look forward to.


What can be financed?

We recommend using funding from the OP JAK template. Our English course is part of “Innovative Education” and is fully covered by this program.

It is also possible to fund from the school’s own budget or the school’s founder.


Who's gonna take care of us?

The whole organization is firmly in the hands of our coordinator. She will be in regular contact with you, checking that the lessons are going to your liking and planning any changes to the timetable that you may need.

Children love our teachers

The courses are led by experienced lecturers who will provide you with individual attention and practical knowledge.

We teach in all types of schools throughout Moravia

The children were very satisfied, the lecturer made sure that all the children were involved, they all spoke, the atmosphere in the classrooms was wonderful, it is obvious that the lecturer has pedagogical experience - he motivated and explained the children appropriately, he spoke slowly and very clearly, the chosen topic corresponded to the age group of the children, so we are looking forward to the next

Jake was amazing, the kids were thrilled. He corrected the children's pronunciation very nicely, sometimes interspersed with broken Czech. We look forward to your next visit :-).

Primary school Moravské Knínice
AJ teacher

The children really enjoy the conversations!

This teaching has been going on at our school for some years now and is very popular with the pupils. The school maintains a very good cooperation with the language school TLC in Brno, which provides us with this teaching. And we must not forget the municipality of Nikolčice, which contributes financially. For the second year in our school, 3rd - 9th grade, Tino teaches once every 14 days. He was born in Croatia but has lived in London since he was two. He enjoys living in Brno and working with the children and always looks forward to coming directly to our school. He works well with our pupils and we work well with him. That's why our pupils also spent a week with him and English during the holidays. Tino is very pleasant and you can see that he likes his job. He is good with children. He not only has conversations with them from different areas of life, but also practices the necessary grammar with the children. The pupils always look forward to learning with him. /Dagmar Urbanová/ And what do our pupils imagine when they say: "There will be English with Tino." English without textbooks. Fun and fun. Team competitions. Summer camp.

We bring experiential English to your school!

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and share our experience with you.

Stanislava Janušová

TLC Kids Coordinator

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