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Talent akademie

1. 2-day workshop
2. 1-day workshop for 2 teams of 6 participants
3. Individual coaching sessions
4. Final report evaluation
5. Personal development plans

2-day workshop
1. Individual preferences – start up projective method – who am I?
2. Mental map on key competences of Future Managers (personal, social, special competences)

Introduction of a hypothetical project (will be specified at the final training needs meeting, i.e. How we reach a 10% reduction of customers‘ complaints or how we identify and eliminate weak elements within our team)
3. Projective methods assessing the following qualities:
- Planning and managing demanding tasks (task and time mgmt, cooperation, result-orientation, quality)
- Conceptual thinking (setting an effective strategy, strategic decisions, coaching, identifying areas for improvement, innovativeness, looking for options)
- Getting over obstacles or difficult moments, problem anticipation (problem solving, troubleshooting, stress management, self-motivation)
- Persuasiveness and influencing (communication skills – verbal, written; presentation to the team or management, reporting, people management and motivation, customer orientation principles, team-spirit and cooperation enhancement)
- Self-confidence – trust in own judgement (assertive communication, conflict solving)
4. Action plan I. elaboration

Note: All projective and analytical methods will be held and assessed with the respect to Motorola policy and interest.

The participants shall evaluate their performance in individual workshop activities with the direct assistance of the trainer and mark the resumes into their action plans. The action plans shall be used as the basis for the follow-up coaching sessions.

Projective and analytical methods:
- Individual “identification“ card: carrer and development orientation, structure in communication, people versus task orientation, individuality versus team-player
- On the boat – solving difficult situation: performance features under pressure, performance curve and pace, activity versus passivity, dominant versus submissive roles, thinking before doing, focus on process versus goals
- Team-roles: dominant team roles identification
- Main motivators (presented versus hidden): Holland typology, realistic, social, inquisitive, artistic, entrepreneurial or conventional types
- Motivation grid: ways of thinking, dominance of primary or secondary responses/decisions, preciseness, punctuality, psychic activity, etc.
- Mental map: introduction of the tool with the use of particular task
- Operational versus conceptual decisions: solving sample situations
- Decision making process: identification – what is required for top quality of making decisions
- Goals definition: measurable or unmeasurable goals and tasks, specific versus vague definitions
- Developing alternatives: brainstorming and other tools
- Multi-criteria chart: tool for discovering the best option
- ABC method: setting priorities and effective planning
- Strategic communication: implementing further steps, pushing through own proposal, dealing with opposition (videotraining)

1-day workshop for 2 teams of 6 participants
This workshop shall be completely dedicated to practical solution (simulation) of the introduced hypothetical projects.
It can be prepared for 2 teams (each team 8 hours) or for the original team of 12 (8 hours)
1. Dividing the project into stages
2. Step-by step solution and completion of individual stages
3. Evaluation and feedback
4. Action plan II.

Individual coaching sessions
Individual coaching shall include the following parts:
- Coaching contract elaboration
- Coaching sessinons
- Resume
- Individual tasks

Final report evaluation
The trainer will provide the contractor with a complex evaluation report that will include:
- Strengths and weaknesses of the participants related to the required competencies based on the workshop activities assessment
- Areas requiring improvement
- Dominant motivators
- Recommendation of individual development activities
- Recommendation for the contractor

Personal development plans
Each participant shall receive a final personal development plan as a resume of the individual coaching sessions.