What we train

We can develop you in more than 100 areas; we train in English and Czech. Practical workshops are conducted using 6 various languages.

in Czech and English

in Czech and English

we train




in 6 languages

in 6 languages

practical trainings

Offered topics:

I. Basic topics of Soft Skills training

II. Practical mini-workshops „Na stojáka“

III. Experience mini-workshops „Na stojáka“

III. Mini-workshops for body and soul

Basic topics:

Assertive communication, emotional intelligence, time management and self-management, task assigning and delegation of powers, stress management, conflict management, professional competences development, presentation skills, running meaningful and result-oriented meetings, corporate communication, project management, effective argumentation, effective change management, negotiation, business skills, Key Account management - customer care, principles of dealing with the customer, telephone/e-mail communication, business strategy and marketing, business selling skills, business acquisitions, running selection interviews, running assessment centre, running assessment interviews, running reprimand interviews, runningaccounts receivable collection interviews, teamwork development, corporate, internal lecturer, creative thinking development, psychology for managers, psychology for HR managers, coaching, leadership, intercultural workshops, finance for non-economists, training for finance and controlling, manager alphabet, personnel strategy creation and implementation, evaluation, remuneration and performance management system, onboarding, educational/development programcreation and implementation, psychology for HR managers, HR budget, HR marketing, employment of foreigners, intercultural company, feedback, team motivation and development, coaching techniques, HR strategy and management , strategy and business management, strategy and financial management, labour code  in practice, talent management, counterparty diagnostics, verbaland non-verbalcommunication, professional e-mails  in a foreign language, professional image and performance.

Praktical mini-workshops "Na stojáka":

» Choose the best ones!

» Negotiation - clean sweep!

» Leave stress at work

» How to manage an assessment interview?

» Reprimand interview

» Onboargding management

» Being just appointed - how to survive the transition to a management position?

» Get ready for a complicated presentation/performance!

» Termination interview

» Burnoutprevention

» Explore yourself!

» Tell itin a story!

» Get to know

» Powerful arguments

» Sayte NO… to manipulation!

» Super memory and intense concentration

» Learn anything - in a few hours!

Specialized experiential workshops by TLC:

» Storytelling

» Superbrain

» Wellness for the brain

» Creative workshop

» Explore yourself

» Intuition dev

» Stop wasting

Mini-workshops "For body and mind":

» Exerciseand energy massage

» Relaxation and meditation

» Draw a circle

» Brain menu

» Getting out of the comfort zone

» Working with personal energy and team  energy

» Game as an experience source and personal development

» Colours-tunes-scent or how to influence health and our creative potential

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