Skype courses

Interactive on-line language training providing students with total flexibility. The trainer works with the student as in a routine classroom.









Skype classrooms

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Skype Training - absolute flexibility

Continuous interactive on-line language training is provided via Skype for Business. Skype for Business is a new Microsoft service (Upgraded Lync) protected with strong enterprise-level security (encryption and authentication).

Advanced training features - TLC VIVA

Skype for Business enables on-line learning to be enhanced by features such as shared boards, documents sharing, video and audio playing, recording making, etc.

This new form of on-line teaching is provided by one teacher using this latest technology to ensure maximum quality. It is a highly flexible and effective learning tool. We recommend it at least 60 minutes a week.

Advantages of Skype training:

» It can be implemented at any time, during both working hours and free time in the morning and evening
» Learning from the comfort of your own home, office or a hotel room during your business trips etc.
» Interactive Study - the trainer shares tasks, documents, and videos with the students, the students communicate and work together
» If necessary, participants can also consult their work assignments with the teacher during the lesson (phone call with the client, processing the offer in a foreign language...)

Technical requirements

» PC/Notebook with a webcam
» Speakers/headphones/microphone
» Stable Internet connection
» Updated Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge
» The participant does not need to have a Skype for Business client, the tutorial can be accessed via a web browser by clicking on a link

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