How we train

Each of our courses is unique. We avoid routine. Whenever we propose a language course, we come and see you free of any prejudice.




Scope of

Scope of





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We use a communicative method

Our trainers observe the general methodological principles of the communicative method. We aim at training that can be used immediately and effectively in practice. We focus on various communication skills with a specific vocabulary based on the company’s focus and participant’s job position. We train in small groups using model situations. We motivate, support, and train our participants. Thanks to our training concept and provided feedback we are able to tailor courses to your ongoing needs.

Professional focus of the training

All language courses are tailored to the needs of the client and the required competencies of the selected staff to maximize or consolidate language skills. Our trainers specialise in various types of training, so we are able to meet clients’ needs across disciplines and areas. We can motivate IT specialists on the one hand or executive managers on the other hand.

Blended learning

Blended learning offers a combination of different forms of training - regular language courses to interactive on-line products, depending on specific needs.

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Whenever you need us to help you with anything; you could not find the necessary information, course, training or workshop; you want to establish cooperation with us; you want to challenge us; you have an offer or a tough translation to do or you just want to stop for coffee!