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Czech culture

Czech culture

viewed by foreigners

Ross Souter-Johnson - interview

Ross Souter-Johnson teaches English in TLC, but his main passion is music, and it was also the main topic of our interview.

Junior Sala - interview

Junior Sala is a new member of our team and he lives in Prague. How does he live there and what does he like doing in his free time? He told us more in the following interview.

Roland Stanbridge-Miles has a sense of humor

A trainer who has been working at TLC for three years has made this interview unique thanks to his unique sense of humor.

José Guadalupe Ramos is also into music

He lives in Prague and, besides teaching languages, he also plays music. How does he live in Prague and what do the Czechs surprise him with?

Louis Alvarez is a globetrotter

He is a true world globetrotter who has shared some of his insights, experiences and tips with us. What does he like about life in Brno and why was he arrested in Russia? You’ll find more in the following interview.

Elena Gorokh has currently been in Nicaragua

The topic of our interview was therefore the goal of her work in this far country and her plans for the future.

Petra Seidlová and her future plans

Petra is a TLC newbie, therefore she shared her impressions upon teaching, travel plans and future plans.

With Diana Gola about a life

We met for the interview in August when all the trainers were enjoying rest and gaining their strength for the following school year. We talked about what she likes in Brno and in TLC and why she decided to become a trainer..

Mikko Matti-Kajanto comes from Finland

We were interested in how he liked in Brno and why he decided to settle down in the Czech Republic.

Kadri Kiviste, an Estonian trainer

Kadri is a woman of many interests and in addition to teaching languages she also translates books.

Šárka Cimburková focuses on Czech for foreigners

One windy Friday afternoon we met at TLC and talked about what brought her to training adults.

Martina Slavinská and her pastime activities

I had a meeting with our colleague Martina Slavinská and talked mainly about her two great pastime activities, sports and massages.

Lenka Mináříčková, delicacies and beads

When I went to see Lenka Minarikova to interview her for our newsletter, I had no idea that she had prepared a delicious carrot cake, beer, strawberries and other delicacies. Our conversation was not just about food, we were talking about another Lenka’s big hobby, bead creations.


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