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Viewed by foreigners

Viewed by foreigners

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Our trainers’




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Two faces of the Philippines

Michaela Makuchová went to the Philippines for three weeks and was a little shocked at first. How did she finally like it there and why she thought it was a good idea to go there?

Paris twice

Lukáš Musialek wrote to us about his experience in Paris and about the more absurd bureaucratic regulations and rules than we are used to in our country.

Roadtrip along the US West Coast

Markéta Čechová spent the summer in the USA and shared her impressions and experiences with us.

How I went looking for something better to find out that „better“ is in the Czech Republic or dreams to be fulfilled

Dagmar Volnohradská spent a year working and travelling around Australia and found out that all that glitters is not gold.

Czechs love queuing for anything

Darren Smith comes from Scotland and tells us more about how he got to the Czech Republic, what he likes about Brno and what he misses here...

My first words were in Czech, I didn’t learn Croatian until I was in a kindergarten.

Monika Veltruski comes from Croatia and wrote to our newsletter about how she lives in Brno and how she got used to another environment.


Františka Kernová, one of our trainers, lives in Prague, but she likes travelling to different countries and she travels a lot. Read her reflexions and tips from her trip to Azerbaijan.

What is it like to be a foreigner and live in another country

Jarmila Majdová wrote us about the life of teachers in Vienna where she moved two years ago.

Martina Slezáčková went to London to teach Czech to children of Czech and Czech-English families.

She wrote us to tell us how she likes her new home and what her work consists in?

Shoaib Haider wrote us about his country of origin

Does he like Brno and what does he do in his free time?

New Zealand

Katka Martináková wrote us from New Zealand where she had gone to work.

My name is Samuel and I come from Laos, Nigeria

Samuel Okubote will portray his homeland and tell us about his life in the Czech Republic.

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