We are a socially responsible company. We are also a company working with modern tools, using available technical possibilities.

We are a modern company

We are a modern company

we use technology

Custom applications

Custom applications

for mobile phones, PCs, tablets

We protect environment

We protect environment

We have ecological thinking


We behave responsibly and environmentally, so we decided to introduce an electronic attendance system.

We realize that every company should work and act as a socially responsible company. We have been trying to find a way to accomplish this vision, and among other things to protect the environment. Therefore we decided to stop printing excessive reports, assessments, attendance sheets, etc., and stop wasting paper and save several trees every year. We believe that our activity is welcome and supported by you.

Therefore, we only keep attendance records electronically.

I would like you to support us and our responsible behaviour, and entered your students’ attendance using smart phones, tablets or other electronic devices. The system has minimum data consumption requirements. It is simple and clear. The records are on-line, therefore it is crucial to enter the information into the system immediately during the lesson.

There is a portal ready for our customers to see, filter, print, or export to Excel.


Our coordinators will be happy to provide you with all the support and assistance you need. You will be provided your login information when signing the contract. If you have forgotten your login, please contact your


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