Backgrounds and benefits

You have a chance to grow with us. You can develop both your professional career and your skills and abilities. As a family we spend time together outside of work, so you can be part of a series of informal events.

Individual methodical

Individual methodical


Financial contributions

Financial contributions

to your education





-    We offer regular methodological training for trainers

-    We offer financial contribution to the cost of outside training (courses, conferences, etc.)

-    Director of Studies will fully support you through consultations on methodology, teaching materials and personal development

-    We provide feedback and observation

-    You can participate in TLC projects, be it language workshops, TOEIC testing or language audits


-    Pleasant modern and friendly environment with a staff room with technical equipment (PC, printing, copying)

-    You can use the library in the conference room and on-line

-    Our kitchen is available as well as coffee tea or water

-    We will also lend you a company car


-    We organize informal events for trainers, you can enjoy our spring picnics, Easter workshops, Christmas party or other events

-    We can adapt our schedule to comply with your other work activities or studies

-    If you recommend a new tutor, you will receive a financial bonus from us

Write to us

Whenever you need us to help you with anything; you could not find the necessary information, course, training or workshop; you want to establish cooperation with us; you want to challenge us; you have an offer or a tough translation to do or you just want to stop for coffee!