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We are creative and we enjoy languages. If you share our interests, join us. You will see we are a great family!

Backgrounds and benefits

Backgrounds and benefits

for everyone




Payouts on time

Payouts on time

Every month

We regularly look for new foreign language trainers. We are primarily looking for Czech and foreign English language teachers, but we also welcome other language teachers. 

At present, we provide courses for German, Italian, Czech for foreigners, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese and Dutch. But we sometimes need to have other languages up in our sleeve, so please feel free to contact us!


?    Modern  facilities and equipment to prepare the lessons (staff, copiers, PCs, binding and laminating materials, drinks and a kitchenette

?    Financial support to attend further education (methodical training, seminars or conferences)

?    Methodological support, possibility to participate in internal methodological training for trainers

?    Possibility to participate in our existing and new projects (conducting language workshops, online lessons, language audits, etc.)

?    Freelance work based on trade licence or a signed work perfomance agreement

?    Long-term job opportunity

?    Informal events for trainers (spring picnic, Christmas party, workshops for parents with children, etc.)


?    Excellent knowledge of the language, ideally supported by an international certificate

?    A university diploma (Faculty of education or Faculty of Arts with a focus on the given language)

?    Experience of teaching English or another language, ideally corporate courses

?    Reliability, professionalism and time flexibility

Write to us

Whenever you need us to help you with anything; you could not find the necessary information, course, training or workshop; you want to establish cooperation with us; you want to challenge us; you have an offer or a tough translation to do or you just want to stop for coffee!