Practical mini-workshops Na stojáka

Be in front of an audience may not always be the most enjoyable experience. We will advise you on how to be confident and ready for unexpected situations.









and regular attendance

Mini-workshop topics topics:

» Choose the best ones!

» Negotiation - clean sweep!

» Leave stress at work!

» How to manage an assessment interview?

» Reprimand interview.

» Onboargding management.

» Being just appointed - how to survive the transition to a management position?

» Get ready for a complicated presentation/performance!

» Terminationinterview.

» Burnoutprevention.

» Explore yourself.

» Tellit in astory!

» Get to know the Czechs.

» Effective argumentation.

» SayNOto manipulation!

» Super memory and intense concentration.

» Learn anything - in a few hours!

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