1st Peer Group Mentee meeting in Brno Equilibrium

1st Peer Group Mentee meeting in Brno Equilibrium

Equilibrium brings together extraordinary women and each mentee has valuable life and career experiences which can help their fellow mentees. When shared with one another in the right environment, experience sharing will become a critical part of each mentees development experience.

What should you discuss in Peer Group meetings:

Who are you? What is your career and life story which brought you to Equilibrium? What are your aspirations? How is it going with your mentor? What have you learned about cooperating with your mentor which might be useful to share with others? What are your biggest fears and challenges? What are you most proud of? What has brought you success?
We suggest Peer Groups establish a code of confidentiality so that you can discuss sensitive topics. This will typically make the discussions in the Group more open and therefore more valuable for everyone in the Group.

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