We've launched a new story-sharing format

We've launched a new story-sharing format

Our new TLC Stories was premiered on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. A narrow ´ circle of invited people take part in Inspirational Meetings to discuss and share practical ´ advice on incorporate language ´ training. The meeting was led by TLC director Taťána Marie. At the beginning of the meeting, she asked Štěpánka Jenešová, Soňa Sedláčková, and Viktor Póče to share their experience in corporate and personal language training along with the other twelve participants. At the end of the discussion, which lasted an hour and a half, Taťána Marie surprised everyone with a small present - a gift voucher for one chosen language lesson.

Our TLC Stories will continue in April when our TLC Experts will discuss corporate vision and strategy with you. 

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