TLC’s Statement on the Current Situation regarding the Coronavirus


Dear Customers,

we understand that the spread of the COVID-19 disease raises concerns of employers for the health of their employees.

We are aware that as a result of the preventive measures adopted due to spreading of coronavirus and influenza some of you banned visits.

We are your partner and therefore we always try to find a solution together with you. We are aware that continuity of education is essential, therefore we would like to inform you about an option of changing the format of the lessons to Skype courses.

The TLC lecturers are trained and familiar with the application. The Skype courses can be used by individuals, as well as groups. Our classrooms are equipped by modern computers with webcams and screens adapted for this way of teaching.

If you are interested in more information on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact the TLC Project Manager who is in charge of your company’s affairs, or to contact me directly.

We are aware that we are responsible for the health of our employees and our students, your employees, as well. Therefore, we adopted protective measures and instructed the reception staff not to let any person showing symptoms of disease, such as a cough, fever etc., enter our premises. If such person is a student s/he will not be allowed to participate in an educational activity or language course. In case the person is an employee or a partner of the TLC company the course will be cancelled and carried out on a different date or taught by a different lecturer or trainer.

I believe the situation will soon be under control.


Taťána Marie
TLC Director


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