TLC helps. We are mentoring and coaching for free.

TLC helps. We are mentoring and coaching for free.

Dear friends and colleagues,

please, let us stick together and hold on. It only makes sense when we are all together. Only then we are TLC.

I need you. All of you. Every day I think of you and I am telling myself that we must fight because it will make us stronger and maybe even better. And I will be proud, but also humble.

We feel uncertain and contemplate our lives and priorities, we analyse and evaluate. We are family so we stick together no matter what. We help each other, therefore Bára Bělová, Carl Davies and I decided to offer you not only our hearts, but also our knowledge. If any of you wants any of us as a mentor or coach, we are offering 3 hours of free on-line mentoring or coaching. We believe that this amount of time can help you move forward.

Together we can make it!

Yours Taťána

Who helps?

Taťána Marie
(in Czech language only)

Barbora Bělová
(both in Czech and English language)

Carl Davies
(in English language only)

Write to us

Whenever you need us to help you with anything; you could not find the necessary information, course, training or workshop; you want to establish cooperation with us; you want to challenge us; you have an offer or a tough translation to do or you just want to stop for coffee!