B2B research results in the area of trader and marketer training

B2B research results in the area of trader and marketer training

Trader and marketer training in B2B

The quality of work of traders and marketers in B2B is very closely connected with their experience, long-term training, and personal and professional development. Although people are a key factor in the success of any business, they are not always given the necessary care and support. In the B2B monitor, of which TLC is a partner, B-inside agency has focused on the topic of B2B traders and marketers. The key finding was what training offered to B2B company, what are the employees' preferences, and how the company's approach to this is reflected in its success.

„The research results show that the training of key employees in sale and marketing positions is significantly underestimated. The fact is that the training effectiveness and value can be assessed and measured, and its impact can be demonstrated e.g. by increasing orders and overall company turnover.“ says Taťána Marie, founder and director of TLC, a training company and a partner of this year's B2B monitor.

If you are interested in the final report, you can read it here.

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