How can a company prepare for a crisis

How can a company prepare for a crisis

The main topic of our mini-conference held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 was How can a company prepare for a crisis.

The partner company was represented by Gabriela Hrbáčková from Hofmann Wizard, s.r.o., who spoke about the global recession and a possible solution in the form of agency employment, flexible jobs, payroll, marketing campaigns, and outsourcing. She also dealt with the education of young talents, interim staff or the possibility of subsidies.
Her presentation also showed that less than 6 % of economically active people in the Czech Republic work part-time and 40 % of school graduates do not have the knowledge and skills that employers require and need.

Jana Vozdecká who represented our second partner company EFA CZ, s.r.o. presented the current subsidy call 97 Employee business education II including conditions for granting a subsidy, unit costs, project budget demonstration, and evaluation.

Other guests were also given space as the meeting format is open to discussions and sharing their own experience. Ms Alice Dosedlová of Pharmawell a.s. shared her own experience with subsidies drawing and a number of practical reflections and real outcomes.
Taťána Marie dealt with ways of creating the education concept, which was supplemented by TLC Expert Lucie Černá who described in detail the practical way of collecting the employee needs in the area of development and training across professions. The guests of the conference really appreciated the practical examples that proved to be the best and, on the contrary, did not work in practice, and what approach was the most appreciated by the employees.


Our meeting formats will continue. We meet in a small friendly circle, exchanging specific experience and knowledge on these topics in mini-conferences and TLC Stories. Follow our web and social networks, we will be happy to meet you personally See you soon!

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